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New Contributor johnlee594
New Contributor

Porting mobile from Virgin is the worst experience ever!!!!!!

It is a horrible process moving from Virgin to Optus.


I moved 2 services, one is SIM only and another with iPhone plan. I asked support to have both services activated at the same time after I changed my iPhone plan. Support agreed and confirmed services will be activated when I contact them. However, my SIM only plan got automatically activated and another service still pending after whole week waiting.

1st online chat, I contact support by following online instructions and spent 57min then been told they don't have access to the system for activation. 

Yesterday around 6 pm. 2nd call to support I been transferred/kicked in between teams from activation to prepaid activation to sales ended in the resolution team. Again, I have been promised to have me SIM activated within 24 hours. Without any surprise, I am still waiting now. After 3rd call to support just now and I been told them do have access and couldn't do anything about it and I need to call them tomorrow morning. 

What kind of service is this? I will need both of my services in the same billing cycle and the formal complaint will be logged. This is not acceptable.

Not sure who will see this post or who will care about my experience in Optus. 

Optus, please contact me if you care about your customer and willing to work with your customer to improve customer services

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New Contributor MORRIGAN
New Contributor


I have lost count of the number of online chats and phone calls to Optus that have occurred, multiple times a day for the last week.  Optus sent the sims which were dumped in the letterbox instead of being delivered to the door, so much for security.  Optus then activated them automatically, even though one of the sims had to be forwarded interstate.  So after a 60km trip to pick up a blank sim at Harvey Norman, the nearest "Optus Shop", with the HN staff member on the phone to Optus for another hour. 

New/replacement sim activated all good, a few hours later while using the phone it kept dropping out.  Then continued losing single during the evening, woke up this morning, instead of signal had invalid sim message SOS only. After another looooooong online chat reset the network and forced it to use 3G, worked for a couple of hours then signal kept dropping again.  

Since the chat didn't seem to resolve the problem I tried calling, on a landline, asked to speak to someone in Australia, got told no they can't do it, asked to speak to a supervisor and got hung up on.   Tried again, got told once again I couldn't speak to someone in Australia, but they would log a fault.

Tonight, parked 50m from cell tower on a hill with clear line of sight to other towers, tried calling the other phone on the account, after 5 calls dropped in 5 mins, went home and used the Telstra landline instead. 

Why is a phone that worked perfectly with Virgin Mobile, which uses Optus Network, suddenly incapable of sustaining a call?  Seriously considering canceling the contract, if I had known it would be this bad I would have stayed with Virgin for the last couple of months of the contract, and then moved to another Telco, any Telco other than Optus!

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New Contributor __m_att___
New Contributor

Re: Porting mobile from Virgin is the worst experience ever!!!!!!

Dont worry, it gets worse. Having had to change from Virgin to Optus 12ish months ago, I've had nothing but issues and poor service. It's a shame that Virgin is no longer, their service was great.

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Porting mobile from Virgin is the worst experience ever!!!!!!

Hi johnlee594,

Very disappointing to hear about your experience. Like  __m_att___   I also did the same transfer myself about 12 months ago, there were a few hiccups but nothing major.

However this doesn't sound like the case with your situation.

Please note that we're unable to view or access customer accounts here on Yes Crowd, our public online forum.

Hopefully it was sorted out when you called this morning?

If not, if you have a social media account, please send a PM to Optus on Facebook or a DM on Twitter with the details.
If not, please Message Us here for further assistance.

Let us know how you go. 

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