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Porting issues.


I've ported my number over from Live Connected that also uses the optus network last thursday.

I was told 3 separate times to wait 15minutes to 4 hours for it to port over with each time no successful porting. Each time i waited and was told it will be ported. Then i was told there was an IT backend issue with my porting and for me to wait 2 business days.


Why is it so hard to port a number over frm a provider that also uses the optus network? I still have no mobile service.



Re: Porting issues.


Hi JxL,


Apologies about the late reply. Not good to hear that you've been having issues with your porting request Smiley Sad Can confirm that regardless of where the number is porting through, the same process applies. This does seem to be taking a little bit longer than your normal ports however Smiley Sad Can I confirm if your service is up and running now?

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Re: Porting issues.


Seems this is no recent problem.. Unreal!  We are having this exact same issue.  It's been 72 hours since my phone was disconnected, and new Optus SIM to was to be acitivated. They've told us the same things - on 3 occassions now.. wait 15 mins to 4 hours, and that it was lost in the system, and so now an IT issue.. Today they said - all fixed now - wait 15 mins to 40 mins, and yet here we are 6 hours later, and surprise surprise.. nothing!
Not a great first impression of Optus! Smiley Frustrated

Re: Porting issues.


you guys must be luckier than me, I'm porting the no. since 26July and now my no. still didn't activate with Optus. They keep telling me my No. will activate in 24hr., 48hr, and here we go almost a month already.

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