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Hey, I have now tried to transfer my number from Virgin to Optus since Monday. I have tried the automated phone way, online activation, support over the phone and online chat. All have given me estimations of it becoming active from 4 to 24 hours but it still hasn't transferred over. Are there any issues with porting at the moment and are there any estimations of when they will be resolved?

I have contacted Virgin and they assure me that there shouldn't be any issues from their end.


Re: Porting issues


Hi @Brhino!


There's actually an ongoing update with standard and same carrier ports.

Just make a follow up or you can actually cancel the port for the mean time, when the update has been fixed then resubmit the port.

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Re: Porting issues


Hey @Brhino, have you received any updates in regards to your service activation? If you'd like us to check on the progress of your order, we'd just need you to PM us with your full name, DOB and the number you're transferring across. 

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Re: Porting issues


All good now thanks @Dan_C. One of the phone support staff got it sorted for me on Friday. Thanks

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