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Hi all

Really hoping someone can help with an extremely frustrating porting issue that has been going on for a week now. I have a new Optus mobile account, porting an existing number from Telstra. The Optus sim arrived in the mail and was active straight away - no issues. However, my old Telstra sim is also still active.

Incoming calls and messages from certain networks now come through on ny new optus sim, others still on the old Telstra sim. I can also make outgoing calls from both sim cards (in separate phones) and access data, voicemail etc from both.

Countless calls and live chats with both Optus and Telstra are not progressing the issue - both are pointing fingers at each other (I have asked to deal directly with the portability teams but am having to constantly re-explain the issue to sales staff and ask for escalation). I have also lodged a complaint with the TIO in the hope that this will get both teams to talk to each other and complete the port.

The port is clearly not complete - despite Optus saying it went through and the number is now registered with them and Telstra saying they have completed all their port out procedures and no longer having an active service with them. Something clearly hasn't updated or been finalised, and the number is now stuck in limbo so I am hoping an Optus team member can look into this for me given that porting in is the responsibility of the incoming carrier. I have an open IT case and can see from the forum this is not an uncommon issue!

Re: Porting issue - active on two networks


These situations are always a bit of a nightmare. Just some advice, the only telco you should deal with is Optus from now on. If the issue is with Telstra, it's Optus' responsibility to deal with them on your behalf. 


Combination of TIO and IT case being lodged will get this sorted, just going to be a bit frustrating in the meantime. 


Out of curiousity, if you switch the Telstra phone off, do all calls come through on the Optus SIM or do some fail? 

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Re: Porting issue - active on two networks


Hi @Jasky - apologies for the runaround you've had with your port-in from Telstra. Can you please send me a private message with the following info so we can check it out:


Are you the primary account holder: Y/N
Full name: 
Date of birth: 
Account/Service/Order number:

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Re: Porting issue - active on two networks

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Thanks for your reply @SamSam (@GuyCS I have just sent you a PM.)


Turning the Telsra phone/SIM off doesn't help - calls from non-Optus networks go to my Telstra voicemail.


Having had a good read of the ACMA MNP guidelines I agree that it's Optus's responsibility to resolve the issue - I beleive the missing part of the process has been advising the other carriers of the port so that their incoming calls are correctly routed to the Optus network.


I understand that these processes can go wrong - what's frustrating is the inability to get through to the IT/technical teams and the customer facing support not knowing what to do other than being adamant I need to contact Telstra!


Re: Porting issue - active on two networks


Hi again - just to update anyone still reading this; today my old Telstra SIM dropped out and so far everything seems to be working normally on the new Optus SIM. Thanks to @GuyCS for following up.

Re: Porting issue - active on two networks


Thanks for updating us here @Jasky Smiley Happy


I've passed your thanks onto Guy (who happens to sit at a desk right opposite me). 


If something else comes up, you're welcome to reach out to us here. 


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