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New Contributor Noob96
New Contributor

Porting has been a nightmare.

So I'm porting from Virgin to Optus. I bought my phone 2 months ago. Yet to this day I still haven't been able to activate my SIM card. 


When I first tried to activate it they said that my details didn't match up with my Virgin account. They recommended that I change my details by contacting Virgin Mobile. So I paid Virgin $25 to change my details (my number was under my dads name before). I checked the details 10 times over to make sure they were right. After a week they confirmed that my request was processed and that my details were updated. 

I tried to activate my SIM about a week ago. The person who tried to activate it for me said that it would be active within four hours. It's been over a week now and I am losing my patience.


Yesterday I tried to activate it again and they said that they can't find my details... I am honestly sick and tired of this. I have not been able to make calls for over a month now. Can I just forget the port and request a new number for my SIM? 

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Porting has been a nightmare.

I'm sorry that we're off to such a poor start @Noob96

Just a couple of questions. 

Is the Virgin number and SIM card still active and are you still able to make and receive calls using your Virgin SIM card? 

Normally, Virgin - Optus ports are relatively straight forward. We use a unique porting authorisation code provided by Virgin (a CID number). We'll submit the port-in request using the CID and the customer details you've provided us with. As long as your name and date of birth match the records held by Virgin, they'll accept the request. 

The fact we've now been unable to locate the order is a concern. We do have a dedicated sales support/activation team. 

You can find the team on Live Chat. → Select Personal → Mobile → Track your order. They'll contact our Mobile Porting team and confirm the status of the port. 

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