Porting from virgin Mobile and then receiving a bill in advance. (Was not explained to me)




I am a bit confused that Optus sends a bill of advance payment while I as not explained about it when signing up online. I would have talked to someone in store but the Melbourne store in Bourke street indicated that I have to do it online. So I did, read the critical information summary, T+C's. and then applied. All good a week later, I had been ported. Received my first bill on last Tuesday. Chatted to a consulted online and was explained that it is part of when a new contract is done there is an advance payment. If I would have known that, I would have consireded waiting or looking at other options.  I read other YesCrowd posts and some customers have experience the same issue. i.e. was not mentioned in contract T+C's.  I checked the T+C's but there is no mention specifically of advance payment of first bill. I feel that it could be explained better upfront. Can someone show me where is it is indicated in contract T+Cs of any other documentation ? Thanks!

Re: Porting from virgin Mobile and then receiving a bill in advance. (Was not explained to me)


Most people never read the full T&Cs. They are available here


Best I could find was this clause:


9.1       How often will we bill you?

We will bill you on a regular basis (either in advance or in arrears),


I agree its often less than clear what you have signed up for at Optus. Often important information is missing. Do you have a document / email confirming exactly what plan you are on and what is included in that plan ? (i.e. bonuses etc.)


FWIW paying a month ahead is probably pretty standard industry wide. It mean that if you don't pay your bill one month Optus don't need to immeadiately cut off your connection as you still effectively have credit. Of course overall you still pay the same amount over the 12 month contract.


Optus staff should have made it clear the paymentschedule for your contract.


Peter Gillespie


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