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New Contributor Sammi269
New Contributor

Porting from Virgin to Optus

I’m having issues getting my sim to activate. My service on virgin is still active. I received my phone and sim on 23/8/18 was told it would automatically activate when inserted into phone. I then used the online chat to active the sim, was then told would be active in 4 hours. Used online chat again on 24th as sim was still not active. Was then told to turn phone on and off and to reinsert sim. If that didn’t work talk to them again the next day. Today I went in store to see if they could do anything, they put me on the phone and said to talk to someone, they then tried to transfer me to the billing team but no one is there till Monday but to try chatting to someone online. Online team says it is activated and will work today but so far nothing. I don’t want to get stuck with no phone if virgin deactivated before Optus activates. I’ve seen a lot of similar posts hoping to get some insight. 

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Re: Porting from Virgin to Optus

Yours isn't similar yet, because nothing bad has happened so far. When Virgin deactivates and you have no Optus service, then it will be similar.

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Moderator Aman_B

Re: Porting from Virgin to Optus

Hi @Sammi269That's definitely not good to hear and we're really sorry it didn't work out the way it should. Are you able to PM us HERE your full name, Optus number & date of birth so we can take a look into this?

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