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I went into Toowong Telstra on Sat and bought a new Optus Sim and requested a number ported from Telstra. I was told this would happen 8 am Monday. Waited until 1pm Monday then rang. Was told that the Sim needed to be activated and they would send request to IT department to do this but would take 24 hours... even though the Optus website says 15 mins to 4 hours. It is now Tuesday and still nothing. I do not have the Telstra Sim to use as it was destroyed along with the phone. I don’t know if I am better off going back to Telstra and getting a new Sim from them and continue to wait or give up altogether.  If this is how their service is I would rather pay the extra for Telstra.  I have previously ported a different number across and it was seemless and took 5 mins so I don’t understand what the hold up is here.  

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Just to clarify a the majority of ports are competed within 4 hours, unfortunately for whatever reason there appears to have been an issue with yours so it was referred to IT (this doesn't mean it will be resolved within 4 hours, sometimes it may be an issue from the losing carrier).

Hopefully it has since all been sorted, if not please chat with us found on the page you reffered to.

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Re: Porting from Telstra



i was coming from Telstra and they have told me there is no issue on their end and have confirmed via text and email.  

I am now up to day 6 of waiting.  

I went into Optus twice  to try and sort this out and they all just keep saying it is stuck and they have sent request to IT......

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