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Porting from Amaysim to Optus


Well I signed my daughter up on an Optus Flexi plan over the weekend and she walked out of the store with a new Iphone XS Max.  In the store I was asked if we wanted to port across a number from another carrier.  Yes I said, from Amaysim.  No problem the sales person said.  I have/had two SIMs with Amaysim - one used by me and the other by my daughter.  I requested we port in my daughter's number.  8 hours later MY mobile SIM was disconnected and NOT my daughter's.  After 5 chat sessions and 1 call with Amaysim, and 4 chat sessions with Optus I'm left feeling incredibly frustrated.  Amaysim advised Optus requested to port in MY number.  Optus advised they requested to port in my daughter's number and this is confirmed on my order receipt that I received from the salesperson on the day we signed up.  Amaysim advised me not to worry and when My number finally ends up on the Optus SIM I can simply request Amaysim to pull it back again by a Port In.   However, when I explained this to Optus, the chat support guy said they have no record of My number in their database and again confirmed my Daughter's number was requested.  So it would seem My number will now never end up on the Optus SIM.  It would appear it's been lost in the Ether.  My question is, in circumstances such as these, will my number be quarantined and is it possible for Amaysim to reclaim it back and reissue it to me?

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Re: Porting from Amaysim to Optus

Yes all numbers go into quarantine for 60 days after being disconnected before being returned to the owned carrier.


It sounds more, whomever processed the manual port didn't do it properly and grabbed the wrong number.

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