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New Contributor AJA80s
New Contributor

Porting a Telstra number to Optus

I have recently purchased a prepaid sim online. I want to transfer my exisiting telstra mobile number to optus. I've completed the online porting form found here:


The Optus sim has not been activated as I am waiting for the phone number to transfer over. I included my invoice number for the sim for the Optus staff to reference. My question is: do I need to contact Optus again or will they contact me when this has been completed or if they require any further information. There was no field in the form for me to put the Optus Sim number for there reference so I hope the invoice number is sufficient.


Frustratingly I spend 3.5 hrs on chat last night without having this resolved and the system crashed before I could conclude my conversation with the person. 


Thanks in advance,



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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Porting a Telstra number to Optus

Hi Andrew,

Were you sent that form or did you find it searching online?

Reason being is it looks to be rather old (compared to the rest of our website/online forms).

You may have better luck using this one which should give you the option to enter your existing number to port over.

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