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I was previously with virgin mobile and decided to move to optus. Optus started the porting process on Saturday 7 July and advised that it would take 4-5 days and that as soon as the virgin services is cancelled I would be able to put the optus sim in and everything would work straight away. Today my virgin service is deactivated but I still don't have my phone active with optus. I have restarted my phone numerous times and still nothing. 

I have been told that there is nothing that can be done until tomorrow. I am pregnant and really can't afford to not have a mobile that doesn't work. 

Re: Porting - Sim not provisioned


Have u  activated the optus sim???

Re: Porting - Sim not provisioned


I have tired to but nothing happens. My number is definitely not with virgin any more and when I called optus they said they can't help me until tomorrow as the number isn't ported to them yet. basically my number is in limbo so I don't have a phone. 

Re: Porting - Sim not provisioned


Ah, sorry for the delay @sugarcourt, I'm happy to go in and check what's happened.


Can you send us a private message with your order details? I need your full name, DOB and the mobile number you're porting in from Virgin.

You can send your details through to →





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