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Port-in charge

Is it normal to be charged a fee for port-in Virgin to Optus?

I’ve been trying to port number since January 3 months now Today I called customer service 10 times totalling 3+ hours

This has been a weekly if not multiple times a week occurance since I started this transfer process 

This evening by some miracle the number is now working for calls but not texts 

So people can now call me on ported Virgin number but texts are showing as from a new Optus number

Technical issues aside:

1. Is there a port-in fee they’ve called it number change fee in email but it’s my number I transferred across 

2. Why am I being billed when as of today I still

dont have service and who knows when text issue will be resolved - I’m already getting late notices but couldn’t even dial in out until couple hours ago 

3. I was told bill would be corrected as should be $59 pm plus $5 for phone being charge $59 plus $57 for phone - $52 more pm 

4. What is the compensation for being messed around for 3 months, dozens of calls totalling more than a day of my life

5. I think I know the answer to this but from

others experience should I just avoid the nervous break down and hand over to TIO from

here on in 


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Re: Port-in charge

I'm sorry that there has been so many issues with your port it, it certainly sounds like you've had quite the run around getting this connected.


1. The fee you've been charged was likely applied automatically when they have tried to fix the issue. Ports expire so it's likely they submitted a number change instead which has incurred a fee. FGFiven the circumstances there should be no issue getting this waived.

2. Billing also occurs automatically so it will start from the moment your service is active in our system. Again, charges can be waived for the days when your service was unusable.

3. This would require an order re-key and adjustments will appear on the following invoice.

4. As per TIO guidelines, compensation is not provided for time spent resolving an enquiry.

5. I can look into all of this for you and make sure everything is corrected moving forward, please feel free to send me a private message with your phone number, full name and DOB so I can check it out.

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