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Bought my daughter an optus sim attached to our phone plan and no matter which phone she trys using her reception is absolutely rubbish at her mothers house.  She lives in two houses between 2 families so its important to contact her.  Optus coverage map shows good indoor and good outdoor coverage however we can only call her when she goes outside onto the front deck and even then she drops out every couple of minutes.  This would seem like very poor reception not good reception.  No matter which phone she tries the reception is the same poor quality, we have tried Samsung Note 5, S9+, S6, J4, and S2 models and a Huawei P20 all with same result.     Changed from Telstra to Optus as Optus shop advised that their reception was as good as Telstras throughout Metropolitan Brisbane and surrounding areas.  We have had nothing but regular drop outs right across Brisbane, how do I get out of this contract and go back to Telstra so I can run a business and speak to my daughter without constant drop outs or is it a case of I get what I paid for because Optus are marginally cheaper.  Any other digruntled OPTUS customers that can give advice, try calling their contact line and I drop out whilst on hold.  

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If you speak with support and mention what you have in this post I can't see why they wouldn't release you from your contract. Whilst you have tried many different phones I am wondering if it's worth trying another sim in the off chance it may be faulty?

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Thanks for replying, the SIM works but reception is just terrible in some areas, maybe its just bad luck.  I have spoken to a few friends who have switched from Telstra to Optus and they have similar issues with poor reception in Brisbane Metro.  I think I might have to go into a store to see what they can do for me.

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The store won't really be able to assist so I would suggest saving yourself the trouble.

As Yeldarb suggested there is the Optus Coverage Commitment.

There are other ways to contact Optus aside from via phone.

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If not, please Chat with us or Message Us from your My Optus App under the Help menu. 

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