Please cancel my ORDER!!


Hi, I've place an wrong order last night and contact the support team online to fix it. The lady said she could help me to place a new correct order and transefer me to sale team to cancel the old one after that. I follow what she ask to place the new order.


But when I've been transefer to the sale team, they said they dont have access to cancel a temperary order and ask me to call 1300929949. I've try to call this number for 4 hours today. Been staying on the line to wait more than 2 and half hours. No one even aswering the call at all!!!


The guy from your sale team told me that there will be fee applied after the temperary order been confirmed. 


Now, I dont know what to do. I follow excatly steps what your team ask me to do but it seems not working out and I dont want to pay double for the same service.


The order number is T81509114943961. Plase, anyone if you could help me to cancel it, I would be grateful. 

Re: Please cancel my ORDER!!


Hi RyanCheung - thanks for reaching out, sorry to hear of the experience you've had with our Care team. That  number you've been provided is for our Online Sales team who are the best team to assist you within Optus. Please try them on Monday morning when they open at 9AM. 

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Re: Please cancel my ORDER!!


Hi Gen R, 


Thanks for the reply. I try to call the sales team number today again and the system told me that staff will be with me in 30 minus. So I wait, for an hour!!! And there is still no one answering the phone!


I am wondering if there is anyone working in service center or not?


This is the wrost custuomers service experience I had ever have. 

Re: Please cancel my ORDER!!


We've been having a bit of a high volume of enquiries due to the iPhone X launching for preorder sorry RyanCheung Smiley Sad If the call centre can't help you can always get ahold of us on Live Chat.

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