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Plan changes

I’m currently on the $130 per month plan which is costing me $160 a month. When I established this plan I was working full time and it was nothing, since then I’ve lost my job due to health reasons and am having to rely on the government. Optus won’t let me change my plan even though I have to choose my phone over food now, and are trying to force me to pay $945. Is there a way around this, I just want to go on a cheaper and better plan which I have found 

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Re: Plan changes

In general a plan is a contract for a set period. The fact that cheaper better options come along later doesn't really weigh into it (otherwise there's no point to the contract in the first place.)


Is the $945 overdue fees? How long do you have left on your contract? Also how is a $130 plan costing $160?


Contact Optus and ask for the cancellation amount. It might be best to cut your loses up front. If you have expensive phones (iphones?) then you can sell these on eBay to cover a lot of the cost. You can buy a functional dumb phone for $25 now. Switching to a Prepaid plan would then also enable you to cover costs and retain communications. Its all about reseting expenditure for the new circumstances.


That said OPtus do have a hardship policy (and department) who are obligated to look into options. They may reduce monthly costs (but extend the plan) or waive some fees or something else. You should contact them here and ask.


Peter Gillespie

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