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Plan Cancellation confusion.

Hii. I have been talking to different people (or maybe bots) on optus online chat and was unable to get a clear answer. Hoping I will get some help here 🙂 I am planning to buy a Samsung galaxy s8 on a 49 per month plan. It says 44 for plan and 5 for device. Problem is, I might later wish to cancel the plan, keep the device and get another plan (when there is a promo plan for note 8). on the website it says this about cancellation.

" Simply pay out the full remaining cost of your phone including any amount Optus was going to cover."

I am trying to figure out what is the amount I will have to pay if, say, I wish to cancel after 6 months. will I have to pay 49 x 18? or will I have to pay 5 x 18? (seems unreal :p) or some other amount. Optus chat seems to suggest that I will have to pay 49 x 18 which sounds kinda unreasonable, well, to me atleast. hoping for some help here 🙂 TIA 

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Re: Plan Cancellation confusion.

Optus don't advertise the actual price of the handset unfortunately so it's a little difficult to give accurate information. Basically the way that it works is it's $44 for the plan (and assuming chat were right) and $18 for the handset. Optus also provide a $13 credit each month as part of the contract bringing the $18 down to $5 giving you a total of $49. 


If you break the contract then they won't provide the remaining credit meaning it'll be $18 x the number of remaining months on your contract. Given the S8 retails for $997 $18 a month is actually quite reasonable ($18x24 months is $432).


I'd go with what Live Chat told you. 

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