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New Contributor

Re: Pixel 2 Coming to Optus?

Great thread, but still not definite answer from Optus. Continued to request us to sign up to Optus Handset Alerts, which I have done so but no where in the form does it ask what phone I would like alerts for,and second of all, not a trusted source as we are only registering to another means of spam email marketing.


But in all honesty, I noticed that the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL is available through SingTel which is the parent company of SingTel Optus Pty Ltd. Would it not make sense for Optus then to pull some strings, leverage off that relation, meet the demand in the market.


In business it is all about what you can bring to the table and in return what financial incentive is in it for an organisation to do so. Telstra who is your primary competitor has also calculated the profitability reselling these handsets, thus why they have partnered strongly with tech giant Google in over the line marketing strategies.


In other words, Optus, use the relationship your parent company already has established, make contact, have the discussions, sign some paperwork and get this in action.


If this is in no interest to your organisation, instead of face red lying to your customer, be open and honest, don't jeopardise your brand's credibility and say it.

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Respected Contributor

Re: Pixel 2 Coming to Optus?

Google uses a single telco (normally the largest) in each country.


In Singapore it was Singtel, but Australia its Telstra. 

Has been this was since the pixel range was launched. 


Only way is to buy outright and use a sim only plan.

Perhaps next year other telcos may get to offer them but even the 1st pixel never left Telstra except outright. 


Re: Pixel 2 Coming to Optus?

In the end I looked at what the Pixel has as an advantage...quicker updates.

Then I looked at what GalaxyS8 has... wireless charging, headphone jack, which I have now and edge screen which is really useful.


Samsung won and I went with it. I ended up with a good deal from Telstra (bit more expensive of course), but The SGS8 is a damn good handset and I stayed with Optus. No regrets. 🙂