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Pixel 2 Coming to Optus?


I know there have been some previous threads on this topic but they have had no activity for several months.


With the release of Google's Pixel 2 range next week is there any word yet on whether Optus will be stocking this phone?  If so, when can we expect plans and pricing?  If not, why not?


The Pixel is a great phone for those of us that need more than the bare basics but don't need all the bells & whistles.  I can count on one hand the number of photo's I've taken using a phone in the last decade so I don't need a camera with 10 zillion megagigapixels; I've never had a Facebook account; and I don't play games or watch movies on my phone.  I've had a succession of Galaxy's up to now and I'm fed up with Samsung forcing their half-baked, bug-riddled, bloatware onto my phone.  The Pixel's "pure" Android will be heaven-sent.


I know it's a bit of radical concept these days but I actually prefer to use my phone ..... wait for it ..... as a phone!!

What do I know? I'm just a paying customer.

Re: Pixel 2 Coming to Optus?


Apologies about the late reply @Barfly. Generally speaking, if the device becomes available through us, handset and pricing will be available during the pre-order period. I recommend signing up to our Smartphone Alerts here → so we can let you know about all the latest smartphone releases Smiley Happy

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Re: Pixel 2 Coming to Optus?


Given that Telstra have had the phone available for pre-order for some time now I'll take that to mean Optus won't be getting this device.  Now that my S6 is off contract and out of warranty I will root it, remove all the crapware, and keep using that for a while.


Something that Optus should be conveying to phone manufacturers is that the current trend of removing headphone jacks means that hearing impaired people are no longer able to connect directly to hearing aids.  Currently I can connect from my phone to a $50 wireless transmitter that connects to my hearing aids.  My only alternative to the 3.5mm jack is to buy a $700+ bluetooth relay specifically tuned to my hearing aids.


If the trend continues this will be my last phone as I simply will not be able to use one.

What do I know? I'm just a paying customer.

Re: Pixel 2 Coming to Optus?


I absolutely agree. Optus could lose customers by not having the Pixel 2. I was patient because I was happy to not have a version 1 phone, but I and many I know want the Pixel 2 and we will switch carriers to get it.

Re: Pixel 2 Coming to Optus?

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Not COULD lose customers - WILL lose customers.


Their focus over the past few years appears to have been on gimmicks rather than the things that matter to customers.

How much healthier would Optus' cutomer base be if they had taken just half the money they spent on the EPL debacle and pumped it into customer service?


I have been with Optus for almost 20 years both personally and with my various businesses.

The absence of this handset is just one more gripe I have had with them over the past 12-18 months.


EDIT/UPDATE:  Just found this online


It would seem I am about to become a Telstra customer.

What do I know? I'm just a paying customer.

Re: Pixel 2 Coming to Optus?


Exremely disapointing. 

Will be getting off telstra - can not afford a phone outright, have been with Optus for over 25 years. 

I pay for my handset and insurance - very very sad. Seems like Optus is NOT Android friendly. 

Re: Pixel 2 Coming to Optus?


Re: Pixel 2 Coming to Optus?


Its googles descision to only go with a single carrier in each country for their Pixel devices.

As Telstra was already picked for the Pixel 1 they also got Pixel 2 - nothing Optus could do about that.

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Re: Pixel 2 Coming to Optus?


You want to spend 1000 dollars on stock Android just to use it as a phone? Kind of weird logic. If you want just a phone why not just spend 100 dollars on a cheap phone. Pixels have amazing cameras by the way. 

Re: Pixel 2 Coming to Optus?


Well, most hearing aids these days are bluetooth enabled, which means it's getting future proof. You can connect any phone to stream through bluetooth to your hearing aids. Just check with your provider. 

However, I do agree that 3.5mm jack is very handy when it comes to portability and connecting to various wired headsets, which will be an annoyance from now moving forward.

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