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Pink tube MIA Sphere live


I've just found 5 charges on my account 

im not happy as I do not recall these

also I'm not happy that pop ups have access through Optus to charge when I have noticed these pop ups suddenly want phone numbers or money I'm cancelling but clearly they are still going through you to charge

ive heard premium SMS can block these please do so

i know Telstra have the same issue but I'm keeping an eye on my contract as I'm considering changing 

this is the second time it's happened 


Re: Pink tube MIA Sphere live

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You need to turn the premium service facility to off or zero to avoid these charges. The link below explains how to do that however you may be best to speak with support about the charges you have already incurred and get them to set the spend limit to zero while you are at it. The first link below explains the premium services and the second link is the live chat support.

Re: Pink tube MIA Sphere live


I've done the premium option to 0 I'll chat about charges 

when I've recovered from surgery 

i google it and it came up as gumtree so it is a scam 


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