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New Contributor

Phone won't connect to new NBN mdem

I just hooked my new NBN modem up yesterdaybut my phone doesn't seem to want to connect up to wifi.

I have a Samsung Galaxy A5. It just keeps coming up as 'connecting'. There is no wifi symbol on the top of the screen to show that it has connected.

My wife has an older Galaxy phone and hers has connected no problem.

Is there a setting that I might have inadvertently checked/unchecked that might be stopping it from connecting?

Please help???

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Honoured Contributor

Re: Phone won't connect to new NBN mdem



You've sorted airplane mode etc?

Try connect your phone to some other wifi network to confirm its working ok.

You should also go into your phone settings and select "Forget This Network" so that any wrong passwords etc are cleared. Then try connecting again.

Also confirm if your wife is connecting to the 2.4 band or 5.0 band of the wifi.


Peter Gillespie