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Phone recontract wasn't what I was told

I Recontracte yesterday and was told that if as an existing member for so long if I get the bundle I get a tablet at basically no cost 0.25c a month here's the break down of what I got told. 


My phone plan $59

Handset $20

Which is $74


If I get the bundle I get a percentage off my phone which brings my phone down but 14.75 to 59.25


Tablet $25

Discount $20

Which brings that down $15 


So all together it would be around 75 for both... however when I went home and read the contract it only states that I have recontracted to 74 for the phone AND 25 for the tablet which brings that to 99 and I can not afford that if I had known I would NEVER of done it. 


I went back in today and the gentleman who served me wasn't working the other representatives say that they couldn't help me and there's no way they will bring that up and I only did it yesterday and now I'm stuck paying 99 for 2 years and I feel sick. I don't know what to do or how I am going to afford it. I WILL NEVER BUY A BUNDLE AGAIN this is how they get you... I want to cry and feel so sick and helpless 




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Re: Phone recontract wasn't what I was told

Hi Flo,


All is not lost. Optus does not have a great track record of documenting many of the deals it does IME. It is a source of confusion and angst at a time when customers should be feeling happy with their new purchase. It is however a salutory lesson to read a contract in the store


There is little point in dealing with the store from this point out as they have effectively sold you an Optus plan. You'll need to resolve this with Optus directly (livechat?)


Its quite possible your plan will appear exactly as agreed when you get the bill. Optus tends to apply many 'bonus' arrangements seperately so its possible the contract is the core info and the bonus is not listed on that. If you read any of the online CIS (Critical Info Summaries) they expressly say 


This summary may not cover all special promotions or optional extras you may select. 


That said the next thing to look out for is that Optus usually only apply bonuses from the second bill which again seems unecessary and causes confusion but don't be too crushed if the first bill isn't correct with discounts.


At this stage your plan is neing porocessed you should be able to contact livechat and find out what the plan says on their end re discounts.


As two final thoughts, Optus offer a 30 day no questions asked free cancellation option on most phone with a 24 month plan. you just give the phone back and the contract is done. Does mention new customers though.


Worst case you can possibly just sell the iPad unopened on eBay and make a few $100? That should cover much of the difference?


But I suspect the issue can be sorted out without that needing to be done.


Peter Gillespie


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