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Phone plan - is it unlocked?




I am planning to upgrade my postpaid plan to phone or tablet plan  (have not decided either Android or Apple).

If I upgrade to a phone or tablet plan, will the tablet/phone be locked to only the registered number? 

I have read few posts, it seems for Apple above ios7, by default will be unlocked, and I can use any number for the device.

What about Android?


Thank you!

Re: Phone plan - is it unlocked?


No, when you go on plan with Optus, the only thing that is usually locked is the network, where you cannot insert another sim from another provider. But if you decide to upgrade your plan, where you're paying for the device (while using the sim card) and wanting to give the phone to someone else to put there sim card in, then yes it will work if they have a optus sim card. But there are scenarios where if you do not pay your bills, they block the IMEI for the phone, where the phone becomes completly not workable.

Re: Phone plan - is it unlocked?


So, as long as it is Optus Number, then the phone can be used (ofcourse, given that I pay the bills).

Following question, what should I do if I finish my contract? Is it still locked with Optus and I should follow the "unlocking network" guides that I found here.


Re: Phone plan - is it unlocked?


Phones/devices on Optus Post Paid plans are NOT locked to Optus at all. 

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Re: Phone plan - is it unlocked?


Sorry Just literally found out that Optus took the network lock thing off around 2013. So yes, you can use other sim cards from other providers on a POSTPAID device. YAAAAAAY, I also went to check my phone to make sure and it did work lol

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