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New Contributor Dystopiian
New Contributor

Phone plan billing period!?

So I'm on my first plan. (1GB data and unlimited calls/texts) I got the email to pay for the first month yesterday but the Optus app says there's still 9 days left on my data usage? 


Also what does the gray bar on the outside of the usage circle represent? Blue is data but no idea what the gray is. 


Thanks in advanced. 

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Crowd Champion Davelew
Crowd Champion

Re: Phone plan billing period!?



The Grey Bar on the outside of the circle is the number of days used in the monthly cycle. From this you can tell if you are ahead or behind on average per day data use. 

As to your bill usually you get your first bill and then a day it needs to be paid by.  You can then set up a direct debit for subsequent bills.



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