Phone insurance contact number


I need a number to call to apply for insurance on my phone would anyone know the contact number 😍

Re: Phone insurance contact number


If the PDF below is current 1300 300 937 or +61 2 8082 5678 if calling from overseas.

Re: Phone insurance contact number


Hi Jenni Smiley Happy

Were you able to contact the team to get Insurance added to the phone with the help from Yeldarb? 

If you need any  further info please let me know!

Re: Phone insurance contact number


Hi @AlistarS ,


The PDS states: Optus Device Insurance is available only at the time of purchasing a new device from Optus on which date your cover will commence


Is this not the case and can you now add insurance at any later time? Would seem to be unusual if you could?


Peter Gillespie

Re: Phone insurance contact number


I should have made that clear but I wasn't assuming Jenni had already received the device yet and it could have been a new order in which you can speak to sales support.  You are correct that any customers are unable to add insurance to the order once they have activated the service Smiley Happy Thanks for highlighting Peter! 

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