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Just asking whoever has after 12months payed out their phone and upgraded? How much did it cost you to pay out the phone?

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I haven't done it personally but it's relatively easy to find out the cost. It all depends on the phone you got and on what plan though.


Look at your most recent bill. You should see a charge for the handset and a credit directly below it. You should also see a number in brackets to indicate how many months you have left like (15 remain). Multiply the handset charge by the months left and you've got your payout figure


Alternatively, jump onto live chat and ask -

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Hi @Btakn05, you will also need to check the terms of the contract you are on. There may also be a contract payout fee as well as handset payout. Some plans have early upgrade options so that may or may not be the case for you. Live Chat can help with that too. 

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Can i ask then why do i have a equipment payout fee if my contract states  there is no handset payments? I know when i signed up i went on a higher plan just so there would be no handset repayment. But yet with a month left till my contract ends....i was told i had a equipment payout of $124! How does that work? And why would i pay $124 when i can wait another month & just pay my monthly plan of $80. I dont even understand why optus would charge they customer with a month left to upgrade & let into another 24 month new contract. 

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I dont have handset repayments with plan but yet with a month left till my contract ends i was told i had to pay $124 if i wanted to upgrade before my contract expires. How does that work?  Why would i pay $124 when i can upgrade in a months time & just pay my monthly $80 plan? What i dont undetstand is....why would optus not look at waiving the fee when my contract is due to expire at the of this month (Nov) and to sign up for another 24 month plan?? 

Please explain how i have to pay $124 equipment fee if there was never a handset fee included in my plan? I can understand the equipment fee had i had handest repayments. 


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Hey @Claw,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this. 


To confirm the plan you have would include credits for the handset repayments each month that bring it down to $0 a month.


However if you were to upgrade/recontract/cancel prior to end of your 24 month contract any remaining handset charges would still be charged.


The credit only applies while your still within your contract.

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