Pathetic after sales support


I have got a mobile on contract and asked to port a number from Vodafone. Its been almost 9 days since i raised by request. Number was cancelled in vodafone 4 days back and service is cancelled and it is not activated in optus.. I have called atleast 15 times to customer care and boy they are pathetic.. They just kept on telling that it will be activated in next 4 hours and then they told it will take -2 business days and now the status is 3-4 business days..


I am loosing business everyday because of this service.. Did any one get similar issue? If yes, please let me know what you've done.. 




Re: Pathetic after sales support


Hi @Madan


Sorry to hear this. 

So just to confirm your Vodafone sim card is no longer working? What's the error message your getting when you have your Optus sim card in your handset? 

Could you please DM your full name, DOB, and mobile number so i can look into this for you? 


Re: Pathetic after sales support


Easy solution: Opt out optus Smiley Happy

Hope it helps!


Re: Pathetic after sales support


I fully agree, a ban on Optus is the way to go, their services are pathetic and their customer support is absolute rubbish, they also lie to get what they want. Stick it Optus

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