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New Contributor Jmart
New Contributor

Panthera Finances

Hey Optus

I haven't dealt with you for many years. I have been chased for  an outstanding debt of around $1000 from 3 different debt collection agencies. I have spoken to you and have been assured that I don't have any outstanding debts.


Today I got an SMS from Panthera FInance. Is there any way that you can help this to stop? Or do you have any advise for me?

Thank you


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Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor

Re: Panthera Finances

I hope Optus can help but it sounds like your "debt" has been sold around. The debt companies can make errors and getting them fixed can be very tough (cause they don't care about fixing them)

I usually wouldn't suggest communicating with an agency but they are required to tell you what the debt is, how much it is for and exactly how it was incurred (just saying you owed Optus $1000 isn't enough). You just need to ask.

Start keeping a detailed record of when you are contacted and what is said. Hopefully you can convince them to back down.
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