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New Contributor Julsie1
New Contributor

Overseas calls

I have a Flex plan with unlimited calls and messages. However, on my Optus App it does not reflect the Overseas countries.

But on the same App my wifes phone reflects the list of countries she can text. I am not sure whether she can only text?

I have "spoken" to at least 20 different support people for hours on end. Everyone tells me it is because my account is not linked but will be "in a few days". That is why it is not reflected on my App services.

If have asked many of them whether my contract allows landline and mobile numbers overseas. The answer is always 'yes" , but not a single one, who have all promised to do so, have had the decency to email a confirmation to me!

I am sorry that someone has to read this, but i have given up on "talking" with online support

Account number *hidden* 


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Crowd Champion caaf
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Re: Overseas calls

Not wise to post personal details on the open internet.. The post has been reported to correct the error but if you can edit prior it will be for the best.

Cheers Dave

Note..This is an open and public support forum please refrain from posting private/personal information. 😉
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Respected Contributor
Respected Contributor

Re: Overseas calls

When did you sign up? And onto which Flex plan?


One thing that may be the difference between what you're seeing and what your partner is, is you can log into the app. If you don't log in, you're authenticated by your phone number but are only shown limited information. Once you log in, you get all of the information. Maybe try that? 

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