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Over using my phone Data when im not on it or connected to WIFI when in public or at home.

Long strong cut much shorter than what it is...

I signed up for the 15gb for $40 a month around Feb 2018, and normally I would go over my usage here and there by 1gb at the most. Seeing as im currently studying full time and working this plan is pretty good to do research, and go on my social media apps that I use quite frequently. The previous month I went over my plan by almost 4gb and I didnt use my data any differently or more than what I would of with me previous months. Called optus and they said that they couldn't seeing anything out of the normal but the data usage was accurate to what they are saying... Myself, being in to technology processing and studying it currently I  was quite confused because its not normal.  The lovely lady upgraded my plan to 20gb a month for the same price and so thankful to her for her doing that for me. But thats when things goes a stray as this month (still having 9 days left of the month to finish) i've gone over my limit. I havent used my plan any different.. havent done anything out of the normal apart from listening to more music on spotify which is free... Yet again back on the phone to optus.. theyre saying thats its accurate, the usage is right and dont use your data until it resets... a massive pain in the behind... they also told me if I go through it 'SO MUCH' go on the plan for 25gb for $65.. that is way to expesive as I have many other things to pay for. So I left it at that. Looking through my data breakdown I see what they are saying with whats my most used app etc..  But theres a new thing that I've never seen before which is TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and that was not ever on my preious breakdowns as i would asked my self the same thing earlier what the hell is TCP... with TCP not being on my  previos breakdowns, it suddenly appears.. and thats taking up as the third most used thing of my data which is quite significant.

looking through my usage this month I see that the most amount of data used was on the 22nd of may.. i used almost 4gb... and ive never used that much before in the span of one day.  So i looked back on the individual apps to see what i used the most on that day and absolutely nothing showed up.. i didnt use any apps on my own data that day.. and i found it a bit weird..


Im Sorry for the long message but im concerned as this hasnt happened to me before. I just need some information about why my Data is doing this now when i've never experienced this before.

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Re: Over using my phone Data when im not on it or connected to WIFI when in public or at home.



TCP is the standard internet protocol. If its being listed then presumably Optus doesn't know exactly what it is but just that its using the "Internet"


Do you have an iPhone or Android?


If the former then all you can usually do is reset your usage counter each day or month and keep an eye on it. 


Android has better options that allow a monthly data limit with warnings and auto cutoff so you can be more sure you won't exceed your data.


At this stage the change in plans is possibly confusing things. Optus doesn't report usage limits well when you do that. Have you been charged on a bill yet or is it just you looking at a graph? 


Seperate to that though you now need to do some investigating over the next few days. Note your on phone usage, Check the apps break down (local and Optus) etc. Its possibly a wayward app (virus?) or maybe your phone is syncing with some cloud storage (Apple does this a lot)


Peter Gillespie

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