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So usually my bills are around $84 and when I went overseas it went up to $89 which I thought was because I made a late payment back in June, but every month since then it has been $89 even tho I've paid on time at least a week before the due date. Now for some reason it's gone up to $99. I am very confused as to how this is happening as I am living overseas and HAVEN'T USED MY SIM CARD IN 3 MONTHS...I have very limited access to internet and phone calls where I am. So if someone could explain what is going on and why my bill is increasing when I've made all the payments before the due date?????

Re: Over charged


Its possible you've been signed up for a Premium SMS scam?


You should be able to view your bill online in MY ACCOUNT and it will itemise whatever you are being charged for.




Peter Gillespie

Re: Over charged


Morning Nothere8,


Thanks for getting in touch with us here. If you could please send us a PM confirming your mobile number, full name and DOB that'll be great.


Once received we'll be able to look into your invoices and go from there. 



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