Optus wrap up grab for market share?


After a bountiful 2018 (with more mobile data on offer than most would ever use) Optus seems to have put the breaks on. A few months ago the 'bonus' data disappeared from the plans and I was expecting them to be added back in at some point. Instead they've further consolidated pricing




Price points seem designed to pip Telstra. Most new customers would now end up paying the same monthly $ now as the market leader but just get an extra fe Gb of data to play with. It would seem $50 is considered the sweet spot for $ v data. There doesn't seem to be much price refuge in a combo phone/data plan either.


Optus apparently have a new found confidence in their offering. Traditionally its been coverage (and price) as the main differentiator but the swing towards needing more data and perhaps more importantly better  free content might have seen the focus shift. On the down side Optus still have the regretable 'Auto Top Ups'.


Hopefully there will still be some flash sales through the year but this might be the new normal.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Optus wrap up grab for market share?


Interesting observations as always, Peter. I'm not sure if there ever is a normal, things change all the time 😵 

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Re: Optus wrap up grab for market share?


Just ruminations from outside the fishbowl Smiley Happy


If I was running Optus I'd probably have concluded the "coverage" race is one Optus can't win (and really why would Optus spend billions to try reach that last 3% of the population anyway?). Optus has 95% of the population covered now and can market to them. The other new factor is of course 5G and I suspect Optus will be trying to match (or better) Telstra toe to toe for that roll out. 


We do remain in interesting times, with quite a few balls up in the air. Could be quite a different telecommunicatons landscape in a few years time.


Peter Gillespie

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