Optus unable to divert my mobile calls to a local number


This may sound ridiculous, and I am having trouble grasping the problem myself, but I am travvelling overseas, and due to the high cost of recieving a call on my mobile, I have asked Optus to divert all my calls to a local Sydney number (my office number).


Sadly Optus do not appear to be able to do this.


Before I left Sydney I used my mobile (Android Samsung) through Call Settings / Call Forward / Call Forward all calls to activate the divert. This failed.


I used the Optus App to place the divert, this failed.


I contacted Optus and they enabled the divert for me. This worked.


3 days later the divert dropped off and I started recieing calls.


I live chatted with Optus and the person I spoke to (Emma) said the divert would be active within 4 hours. This did not happen.

I spoke to Rahl this morning and he now advises that Optus network does not have the technology to immediately divert all calls and that the phone MUST ring first.


This is ridiculous. What modern day telecomunications network can't divert calls immediately??


My reference number is 2920313A.


Can someone with some knowledge within the Optus Network please please divert my mobile as per case 2920313A... please... Its not a big ask....


Please PM me for details on my mobile and number to divert to or check case 2920313A.


Thank you.



Re: Optus unable to divert my mobile calls to a local number


Hey @GregV, I've just replied back to your private message. Feel free to chat with us there. 


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