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Signed up recently on a postpaid plan, free data streaming and so on. On my Optus dashboard I have an offer ‘Optus tv promo - $45 bolt on’. Is this a monthly bolt on for Fetch TV? - Thks 




Re: Optus tv promo offer


I have the same thing thing on my dashboard. Have called and spoken to a number of people but no one knows what it is! Was supposed to get an answer by the end of the week as the last person I spoke to promised to do some more research but still no answer. Did you end up finding out what this is? Cheers 

Re: Optus tv promo offer


Hi @Scholesy and @AmzY12 - Really sorry for the inconvenience caused.  Some of our post paid plans have Optus TV streaming included in the plan. To check this you can login to My account and then click on Entertainment and switch on Mobile TV streaming.  If its not included for free then you'll be shown the monthly charge. Please let me know Here  with your details and I can check this. 

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