Optus technical issues


I’ve been having a few technical issues lately. Hope someone can help with one of these questions.


1. Is anyone getting the “This service is unavailable” message when trying to purchase add on data for prepaid plans? I’m on the Daily Maximiser plan and if I go over my daily limit I try to buy extra add on data but can’t. It’s frustrating.


2. The myoptus app keeps saying a “technical or service issue” is preventing me from using the app. Anyone else getting this messag?


There are more but these are the main two.


Re: Optus technical issues


Hey @JazLanson, thanks for reaching out. I haven't noticed any trending issues so we will need to investigate your specific service.


Are you able to use the My Optus App at all or does that error come up straight away?


Have you been able to previously use these services with no issues or has this always been a problem?


Please run through the troubleshooting steps in this guide to reset your app and delete any cached data → My Optus App & My Account: Troubleshooting


Let me know how you go and we'll follow up.

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