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Optus stole my credit

Hey I have been having $9.99 taken from my account every few weeks and I havnt been bothered to contact until now. I can’t get a hold to anyone on the phone and I want my credit back your customer service is absolutely atrocious and I’ve been scammed out of at least $60 I’d like to have my credit refunded onto my account this is ridiculous the amount of money I have wasted on OPTUS!! Stolen credit money stolen HELP!

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Respected Contributor

Re: Optus stole my credit

 If claim!


Do you have any information on what this $9.99 transaction is? Premium service? Have you set your premium budget to zero?


Now that you e openly admitted that you couldn't be stuffed contacting Optus re the money lost it make me thing that you've accepted it up until now.


I can escalate this thread so hopefully a Optus team member can take a look but sadly you should continue to run the gauntlet in trying to contact Optus directly.

Cheers Dave

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