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So after the 26th August, we will no longer be able to watch optus sport on our phones for free. So i signed up with fetch tv and got the mighty package with oprtus included....


Now my thinking was that, i will now pay for optus sport on fetch tv and that will be linked with my phone account as well (seen as though they bill you all in one for the services you use) so i will not have to pay for optus sport twice. once on the phone and once on fetch...


how wrong i was. the optus accounts for my fetch tv and phone are not connected and i would get charged twice for the priviledge..... What a stupid idea..... Now why is this a stupid idea..... Well i can cancel my optus sport on my phone, download the fetch tv app and watch and record optus sport through that. Optus you are trying to make extra money out of us while giving us a solution to the problem.... C'mon, link the accounts and stop dipping your hands in our pockets...... 


PS i wanted to send this as feedback directly to optus but i cannot be bothered to write a letter or ring them to explain it when everything is done online nowadays..... who knows if they will even read this or pick up on their stupid mistake......

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Hi @shelton17 sorry for the troubles with this, I can see Dan has responded to your PM. It's best to keep the conversation to one thread to avoid confusion Smiley Happy 

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