Re: Optus sim in a trail cam


APN: connect


But yesinternet usually works, even if it's not the one you should use.

Re: Optus sim in a trail cam


You could try Aldi. Amaysim would be worth a try, but only if Aldi doesn't work.

Re: Optus sim in a trail cam



When I disconnect the camera from the pc, I always turn the device off, therefore is always rebooted.


Will try over the next couple of days

APN yesinternet ONLY


APN Connect suggested by @10000000000GB


@10000000000GB, I have tried the Aldi sim, as their website says they operate on the telstra network, but their sim was unsuccessful. 

I have emailed Amysim about their sim cards and am waiting for a reply, however, their site says they are on the optus network.

But can only ask, as their dedicated sim may have the required settings for it to operate.

I installed the Optus sim into my tablet to check it's operation and it worked immediately


I just can't believe that with the technology we have available today for mobile devices, that anything mobile isn't necessarily covered by all available providers.


I really do appreciate all your input folks.

Just sick of getting ripped off by the multi billion dollar companies that have the monoploy on the market and offer no other deals other than what they want you to have.


There is no such thing as tailoring to suit the customer needs any more. This is what we have, take it or leave it, but we know you will be back because we are the only ones that you can connect with.



Re: Optus sim in a trail cam


Aldi's APN is mdata, but you could try the Telstra settings.


Amaysim is def on Optus.


Are you trying to use email? MMS might be the problem.

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