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Hi folks,


I am a new member and I hope someone can help.


I bought a 3G trail cam about 12 months ago and tried the optus sim in that one. It did not work, but a telstra sim would, instantly, without any input at all.

I have recently purchased some newer versions of the cameras for security reasons. But really want to use the optus sim as $10/mth vs $30/mth makes more sense when we have so many of them.


The Camera parameter settings have optus in its settings as the following pictures show.


Trail cam set up.jpg

Trail cam set up 02.jpg


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as I am at my wits end with it all


Thank you all for your time and any input.



Re: Optus sim in a trail cam


have you try with this settings?


APN : yesinternet

account: blank

password: blank




port: 8070



Re: Optus sim in a trail cam


About to give it a go now.

Thanks for the input. Asked Optus technical staff for this info and it was just easier to say the sim wasn't compatible

Re: Optus sim in a trail cam

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I've never heard of an Optus $10 per month plan. I've heard of $10 per 45 days, or $10 per year from other providers.


How much data does the trailcam use? My trailcams get triggered by wind, possums, sugar gliders, wallabies. Typically get 1000 shots per day.

Re: Optus sim in a trail cam


After looking at their web site, you are correct, $10/7 day expiry.

I think I saw the $10/m sim cards when we first started using the camera's. May even have been $15/m.

Either way, it's still cheaper than Telstra.


We get great results from our trail cams, but we get a few false triggers too. We had to set our trigger sensitivity to low to avoid a lot of the false triggers. (we get false triggers for other reasons than wildlife)


Cameras mounted on thin trees will false trigger quite a lot from the wind.


With Telstra prepaid sim cards, there is absolutely no data usage or sms usage ever recorded. (I don't understand why, and I am not going to question it)

The camera's still function after credit expiry, and we still get the pictures, but instead of receiving the pics within 10 mins, it takes about an hr to receive.

And a lot of damage can be done in 1 hr, not to mention product loss due to not being able to salvage what may still be salvageable if found sooner rather than later.

Re: Optus sim in a trail cam

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These settings were unsuccessful 

Re: Optus sim in a trail cam


Is the camera reporting good reception? I picked a random camera on ebay and the ad reports 850Mhz (Telstra) but other 3G on 2100, which may not be strong. Optus needs 900Mhz.


If the Telstra is not registering data, it must be a quirk of the MMS address and port being used.

Re: Optus sim in a trail cam



I looked at towers around Ryde and found 2100Mhz is only used on 10% of towers, if that.

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The reception is reasonable on site with Telstra.

Haven't tested this particular Optus sim on site, but the reception is fair here at home.


You may be on to something about the frequency  as they did talk about that when I went in and saw them at Optus.

But if I understand the specs correctly, it has it all covered.



Image Sensor: 16 Mega Pixels Color CMOS
Memory: TF Card up to 32GB
IR Filter: Full Automatic IR Filter
TFT Display Screen: 2.0 inch
LED: Black Invisible 940nm or 850nm
PIR Distance: High/Normal/Low
PIR Sensor Sight Angle: 120 Degrees
PIR Sensing Distance: 65ft/20m
Number of IR LED: 48 LEDs
Trigger Speed: 0.5 second
Triggering Interval: 1 /5/10/30s/mins (default 1 sec)
Selectable Image Resolution: 16MP/12MP/8MP
Multiple Photo on one detection: 1/3/6/9
Video Resolution: 1080P/720P/VGA
File Format: JPEG/AVI
Exposure: Auto
Device Serial No.: 4 digits and 26 alphabets set by yourself
Time Lapse: 30/60/90/120/240mins
Frequency Bands: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
UMTS/HSPA 850/900/1900/2100
SMS Remote Control: Supports
GPRS transmission: Data transfer by email
MMS to phone: 1-3 phone numbers
MMS to e-mail: 1-3 email address
Periodic shot: 1Second~24Hours
Stand-by time: 6Months
Operation Temperature: -30 ~+70℃/-22~+158℉
Power Supply: 6xAA battery 
Camera Socket: Yes
Water proof: IP54
Security authentication: FCC,CE,RoHS

Re: Optus sim in a trail cam


@Kimbo73after putting in the setting have you try restarting your device?


or ther other setting would be more simple i guess.


APN : yesinternet

leave everything else empty

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