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Optus service

Anyone else frustrated with Optus service? Home mobile internet inaccessible, Optus diagnosed sim card failure. New sim card sent - still no internet. Trecked over to mainland (I live on an island) told router was not working. Rang Optus and ordered replacement. Told 3 - 6 business days for delivery. After 8 business days still no delivery. Rang Optus and they said it had been delivered. They ordered another one. Rang nect morning to cancel the order as I am so cheesed off with their lack of service so I have gone to another provider (they are cheaper and I get more gigs). Three attempts to cancel delivery - keep asking for the order number which they still have not sent (only a link to Startrack which requires an order number). Finally told on live chat there is no order on my account. So no internet for a month, stuffed around by Optus who wouldn't change prividers 😈

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Retired Employee

Re: Optus service

@Lens2018, do you mind if I go in and take a look?


What type of mobile internet are we talking?

Is that home wireless/Vivid broadband service, or a regular mobile broadband service?


You've already decided to cancel the mobile broadband service? I'd really like to see what's gone wrong.

You can PM us here. 


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