Optus phone contact numbers on weekends


Hi Guys,

After spending 20 minutes signing up to the 'Ask the Crowd' service, I am hoping to find out how to contact Optus on a weekend / outside 9-5 weekday hours (and speak with someone)?  It's currently 4:30 on a Saturday. 

I'm not trying to speak to someone from my local bakery here, just someone from one of Australia's most prominent telephone / internet companies.

Re: Optus phone contact numbers on weekends


After much work, I did manage to phone and speak with someone aboout my enquiry (she was lovely).  Unfortunately as she was a call-center operator (good on her - hard gig!!) I was only provided with the regular script; however was told to send a letter to Optus in Rosebery NSW :-/

The query/request I have is something I do on a weekly basis in my job.  However apparently my request from a personal space, as an Optus customer, cannot be accommodated unless I go through the merry-go-round.


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