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Optus numbers can’t call me - says my number has been disconnected.

For the last few months, whenever an Optus mobile number tries to call me it says that my number has been disconnected. I can receive calls from Telstra mobile numbers fine.

I have tried my SIM card in another phone and it’s not my phone. I’ve been into Optus and had my SIM replaced and it still doesn’t work. I’ve gone through my settings on my phone throughly and have even reset the network settings and I still have the issue.

I’ve been trying to get it fixed by contacting Tech support but not having any luck at all. They’ve tried to say it was an Optus tower issue, however my partner who is also with Optus doesn’t have this issue and I can call him fine.

Please help! I have a feeling it’s a little glitch on the back end of my account, but every time I speak to an Optus rep, they say my case has been escalated and to check the app for updates, which I have been doing until they randomly closed my case and now I’m unable to message them.
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Re: Optus numbers can’t call me - says my number has been disconnected.

Hi @shaunanjohnson, from what you have mentioned it is definitely a fault on your service that needs to be looked into. However since this is a public forum we can`t access customers account details here. As such your best to speak with our Support team via the → messaging service to assist you further.

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