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New Contributor Stolla
New Contributor

Optus moving to new account system, now i must pay extra

Ok so after logging about 4 faults with OPTUS (2 monts ago) the told me that they are moving to a new account system. They have split my accounts up and now i cant use the DATA SHARE function. Because of this i'm paying extra now for DATA. I've got 20GB avalibe just sitting unused in my other account. When will this be done.... it's 2 monts already and costing me money now.


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Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor

Re: Optus moving to new account system, now i must pay extra

That is very strange. I understand what has happened but optus are contractually obligated to provide the service (and features) you have signed up for.


In a situation like this Optus should normally recredit any excess data usage fees that is less than your total share allowance. 


Either that or providing the 20Gb as a temporary bonus data to your 5Gb account while they do what they need to.


I'll flag @Shauna and @Dan_C and hopefully they can provide some reasurrance or clarification.


Peter Gillespie

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RetiredModerator Tano

Re: Optus moving to new account system, now i must pay extra

Hey @Stolla, I'm a bit confused: did you initially have multiple services on one account? Or separate accounts? I wonder because you can't have shared across accounts: the services need to be on the same account.


Or are you referring to a new service that was automatically placed in the new billing system, while another service on a different account sits in the original system? I think that may be what the situation is here.


Happy to take a look and offer some further clarification: send through a private message with:


- Account/phone numbers

- Full name



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