Optus mms message



I received  a  message from mob. No. +61416122622 which said


"you have received an MMS message. Read here;".


and i clicked the link. It downloaded some .apk file. But my mobile settings prevented its installation saying installation from untrusted sites is blocked.

Is my mobile infected with some malware? Is its security compromised?

Afterwards  i scanned it with Kaspersky internet security and it found nothing.


Please advise

Re: Optus mms message


The phone should not be infected but delete the apk file from your downloads folder.

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Re: Optus mms message


I already deleted the file.

Re: Optus mms message


This advise FIXES NOTHING.


It is a FRAUD or a SCAM or something ILLEGAL and this is now AUSTRALIA WIDE.


You need to FIND and PROSECUTE the people involved. You are a TELCO so dont tell me that you dont have the capabilities to do these things. Actually FIX this and stop giving people useless advice.


ALSO for people like me that are receiving this messages, what can I do to STOP THEM? How do I prove whethere or not there is something in the phone? There must be a FILE or something there, that is IF I have received it. I want to check my phone without having to resit it from scratch.


Actually DO SOMETHING and tell us some that is of VALUE.



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