Optus kept making mistakes


Hi, 3 months into my new iPhone plan for 24months, I never received the iPhone x. It got sent to a wrong address, taken back to a warehouse and now it's out of stock. 


Back and forth numerous chats and calls, today I was told that my parcel is waiting for me at a post office and it's iphone xs max. I did not receive any email or card. If not for another chat today, I would have missed this second delivery.


The phone was again sent to my old address the second time, and it's iPhone xs max which I never ordered or never agreed to upgrade my plan to. 


I called the Optus customer service and was told there will be a callback tomorrow. Now I'm going to have to return the wrong device that was sent to a wrong address in the first place. 


3 months into the plan without phone. Got credit as compensation but it's not good enough. So much hassles, inconvenience, time spent and money spent on another phone because I needed a phone.


I think I will have to lodge a complain with TIO, as Optus never got the problem sorted. 


I thought I got a deal with the plan that they offered, only to be plagued by one problem after another.


Chat and calls have not helped me, this is my last attempt.

Re: Optus kept making mistakes


Oh no! That's definitely not a great experience - we all just want our new phones to arrive in time so we can enjoy them Smiley Happy


I've escalated your post to a staff member who can hopefully sort this one out for you. Would be great if you could have your order number handy, as you'll need it when they reach out via private message.


Good luck! Keep us posted.

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Re: Optus kept making mistakes

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Quite the litany of mistakes. Sometimes things do go wrong, but IMO the sign of a good company is its ability to recognise the problem and correct it promptly. No doubt the majority of phones are delivered without issue but onging problems like this should be handed off to a single contact person to co-ordinate.


The good news is that the mods on this forum are probably the best placed to sort the more complex issues that might involve more than one department or email. If you do get in contact with one you've got a good chance of getting things resoved.


That said, it may just be easier to cancel the order completely and start a fresh. Buy an iPhone X outright (perhaps even second hand? $600 for 256Gb on eBay) couple that with a good value SIM only plan from Optus (Say 30Gb for $35 a month) and you've probably halved your total outlay?


Peter Gillespie

Re: Optus kept making mistakes


Hey @Furfurmalassezi - not great to hear you've had ongoing issues with your for some time now. Really sorry for the runaround you've had so far.


Can you please send me a private message with the following info so that we can investigate what's happened:


Are you the primary account holder: Y/N
Full name: 
Date of birth: 
Account number:


Once we have that, we can assess the next steps moving forward. We'll also be able to pass on feedback to the relevant teams/departments you dealt with already. 

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Re: Optus kept making mistakes


Hi Peter,

Thanks for the suggestion.

I cancelled my internet broadband as the data inclusion on the plan was supposed to be enough, and the international calls inclusion was also needed.

The agent did suggest to cancel the current plan but if I were to lose on the inclusion, then to find the extra plan that suits me would have cost more. 

The plan I signed up to was $145 that was on discount down to $105 with 200gb data, it was supposed to be a very good deal of not for the stuff up.




Re: Optus kept making mistakes


Optus are required to refund the $105 for each month without the phone (I think you said they're doing this?)


I see your strategy and it does sound like a good deal. Optus have long had this thing of allowing only people that get a phone as well to normally access the higher data bands (100Gb and 200Gb)


Strangely Optus are currently selling 200Gb phone plans (data only) for just $60. Its sort of a bizarre way to deliniate IMO as calls only cost Optus $10-$20 to provide profitably nationwide. Why not provide a 200Gb plan like this with the usual $20 national calls bolt on option? Be a winner.


I wonder if you were to get one of the dual SIM phones you could put in a Optus call SIM $20 with a 200Gb data DIM $60 and you get the best of all worlds.


Can dual SIMs automatically accept phone and data from each SIM by settings?


Peter Gillespie

Re: Optus kept making mistakes



Optus gave $50 credit on the $105/month plan since I never received the iPhone x. I can't find any clause regarding getting a  full credit if phone was not delivered. Any source for this?



Re: Optus kept making mistakes

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If I understand your situation correctly ...


Consumer law states that a product / service must be fit for purpose. Optus have sold you a package deal of access to there cellular network and a device to access it with. This would be the equivilent of slling you a shovel and delivering only the handle - they can't say your're only due a 50% refund. They are also liable for all reasonably foresable costs as a consequence of any product not being fit for service (e.g. any postage costs etc.)


Most companies have there own interpretation/misunderstanding of consumer guarantees and its got its grey areas, but IMO selling you a package deal that doesn't work because critical components are not provided as agreed fits easily.


If I were you I'd


1) Request a full refund (for your major fault) for the months involved. Perhaps a mod here has the authority to address this claim?

2) Failing that just write (pen and paper) a formal complaint to Optus requesting the same and citing consumer guarantees  

3) If no good resolution after 14 days forward the complaint to the TIO for 

4) But jurisdictions being what they are (The TIO has its own set of rules) you may need to make a claim via the small claims tribunal or the ACCC directly.


Its a hassle but it doesn't have to be all that onerus if you just step through the process.


Peter Gillespie

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