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Optus finds a way to avoid addressing issues

This is a message to all Optus Customers. I was really taken back by how Optus have lately addressed my issue. After 6 phone calls and 1 live chat which lasted for 2 hours, I finally figured out the best option was to ring Retention Team at Optus and just cancel all my accounts with Optus ie 2 mobile accounts and 1 home internet service.


When I rang up to cancel my accounts, the first thing the lady said was why? So I briefly told her. It didnt even take 5 minutes for her to come back and resolve my issue. Obviously they didnt want me to leave. The other thing all my other dealings were at least 90 mins long going back and fro, who should be accountable and nothing ever happening. 


So this nice lady at Optus in the Retention Team credited my account with $300. Simple as that. 🙂


Remain persistent and you will win. Moral of the story: Just ring Retention Team and tell them you want to cancel. See how high they jump through your phone to help you!




Just be like Floki (Vikings) and kick butt. 

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Re: Optus finds a way to avoid addressing issues

Cool story, bro

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