Optus cancelled my phone plan completely for unpaid bill.. but I was never notified or even warned


I have a $600 phone bill (last year my partner left me, he left me with tons of bills to pay on my own and being a single mum it was hard to keep on top of everything & then my phone was stolen at the end of last year...that added another $200 onto my bill). 

Ever since I've struggled to get ontop of it. But I was still making payments when I could. A week or so ago I was told to ring the finance team or  services would be suspended again....and I'll be honest, I completly forgot to ring them because I'm currently packing and moving house all on my own with a 2 year old running amuck. And just yesterday Optus completly CANCELLED my service!? No warning, no nothing....they just cancelled it. Someone please help! Smiley Sad


Re: Optus cancelled my phone plan completely for unpaid bill.. but I was never notified or even warn

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I appreciate you have valid excuses for everything but Optus appears to have tried to notify you but there's not much they can do if you don't contact them. You would appear to qualify for  financial hardship assistance and I would call and talk to them now. Having the plan cancelled may complicate things but hopefully they can re-instate something or perhaps restructure payments if you just want out. 


Note that Optus will  have applied any exit fees and also any monthly handset costs would also all come due at once on your last bill. You need to find out how much Optus are wanting and what they can do about it. Talk the the hardship department as normal customer service channels won't have any ability to alter anything.


PS If you haven't already and its is an issue I would recommend talking to a free financial councellor (not the ones that advertise and are basically just set up to fleece you more). Read more at the government ASIC website. They can help negotiate with Optus if the Hardship Department can't work things out fairly.


Good Luck


Peter Gillespie

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