Optus answer the phone you are incorrectly charging me for other data


 I am on $40 plan .I moved house had no WiFi so purchased additional 1 gigabyte for $10 .I then went into your shop and purchased $70 worth of data 100 GB .they assured  me I will not be charged an additional $10 for the one gigabyte as I cancelled it the day before my cycle.cancelled 4th of January new cycle began 5th of January. Why have you given me the additional 1 gigabyte on my account please contact me to confirm that this $10 will be taken off my account and not billed again. I have had to resort to put my complaint on here as I cannot get through to a real person at Optus.. it is disgraceful and I'm considering cancelling everything with you. I will shortly be moving into a brand new home and was going to take the full package out with you again now I am not so sure.  

Re: Optus answer the phone you are incorrectly charging me for other data


Hey @Kcw1962, apologies for the confusion caused here.


Excess Data is managed automatically by the billing system. As soon as your quota is reached, it will add the extra data as per your plan's terms and conditions. To avoid this charge, extra data must be organised before the quota is exceeded.


If the store have advised otherwise, I would request to speak with their management as this is not correct. Feel free to private message me if you have any further difficulties and I can send a referral to their store for follow up.

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