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Optus & Apple Watch 3 Cellular doesn't work!

Has anyone figured out how to get the cellular working on your apple watch with optus yet? I've read multiple threads about people saying they have the same problem, I've spoke to optus on the phone about 5 times, got a case number they never followed up, they were all clueless as to what the problem is.
Then went into an optus store and they put the blame onto apple saying its a software problem, i then went to apple and they confirmed it wasnt software.


Has anyone actually got the solution fixed it seems Optus just don't give a crap about helping this function work,
Whole reason I got the watch was for cellular and thinking the last resort is to leave optus to go to another network for it to work.

Should add I continously get the "Theres been a hiccup with your Optus Number Share activation request" text after every 4 hours i try do it.

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