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Optus X Spirit prepaid mobile won't block numbers


I have an Optus X Spirit prepaid mobile. I am attempting to block a number that is harassing me. I have been to the contacts, brought up their details, pressed the block option, put them on the list. Then a minute later the phone starts ringing or a message comes through from the number I just blocked. I also want to know if it is possible for the person to not display their own caller ID and get through a block that way. Thanks for any assistance. I am sick and tired of having to change my number.



Re: Optus X Spirit prepaid mobile won't block numbers


Sorry to hear of the harassment. Unfortunately all telcos appear to have a pretty poor system for blocking numbers in cases like this (generally suggesting you contact the police instead). One reason for this is the answer to the question you asked, which is yes it is trivial for callers to block their ID and that will get through any blocked number you put on the phone. It will appear as a "Private Number". They can also just use a pay phone or another phone etc.


I am however surprised that a specific number isn't being blocked after you enter it into the phone. One limitation of phone number blocking is that while it may stop the call from ringing, it can still just send the number to voicemail. Perhaps do some tests and try block say your landline phone number. Then try make calls to the mobile from it and see what happens.  


As a suggestion, I don't answer "Private Number" callers anymore. Anyone who needs to contact you will do so either with a number displayed or via another method if you don't answer (e.g. email). Generally "Private Numbers" will be bad stuff - Sales people, surveys, harassment, scams, debt collectors, etc.


Having said that you can also hide your number. Its usually just some button presses on the phone or settings in the menu. That way you can give you number to people you trust and everyone else won't know it. Your need to keep changing your number suggests the harrasser keeps finding it out somehow?


But by the sound of things I would suggest that it might be time to do as the Telcos suggest and look at properly addressing the problem rather than trying to avoid it. All numbers dialled to you are recorded (its just that if they are tagged as "Private" civilians can't easily get hold of this information). Although it might sound like a big step taking out a Personal Safety Intervention order is reasonably straight forward and is done without any immeadiate prejudice to anyone (i.e. its more of a formal heads up to someone that their behavior is unwanted rather than any big legal step.) The behaavoir you describe is considered "stalking", if the person is also making threats or saying abusing things in calls then that is also "harassment".


Read about the process here. And when you can request an order here (you would be covered by "contacting you in any way, including by post, telephone, fax, text message, or email")


The main benefit of an order like this is it puts people on notice. There's no immeadiate other impact. If the person stops calling then the intervention order get dropped down the track. If they keep calling then police etc. can formally get involved and can do things like check phone records etc.


NB: You should keep a record of every call you suspect is from them regardless of what else you do (and don't delete any voicemail calls made). 


Good Luck.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Optus X Spirit prepaid mobile won't block numbers


Thanks for letting me know the information. I think I am going to have to call the police. 

Re: Optus X Spirit prepaid mobile won't block numbers


Well at least you know there is a good 'half step' available that should hopefully resolve your issue. The police should be pretty used to dealing with this sort of complaint and step you through the process. 


Not sure which state you are in but you can also free call Legal Aid for a general chat on options, questions etc. 


The main thing is that while you do need to detail a credible reason for the order, it doesn't need proof or witnesses etc. and if there's no complicating factors (like children) then the order will likely be granted given it shouldn't impact the other party at all to comply.


Good Luck


Peter Gillespie

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