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Optus X Lite voicemail


I've recently bought an Optus X Lite for work to have call redirected from an office phone. I need to set up a personalised voicemail but I'm having no luck. When I dial 321 I'm asked to enter my number and # only to be told my number is not valid or something like that.


Is it not possible to personalise voicemail on this thing?

Re: Optus X Lite voicemail


Hi Debm,

Please try dialling 1509 from your X Lite and following the prompts.

Let us know how you go.

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Re: Optus X Lite voicemail


Hi Ray,


Ended up having to use the Optus online chat. It turned out my voicemail wasn't activated and I couldn't log in to My Account to set it up. All sorted now. Thanks for your help.



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